Allow me to introduce myself and this blog. My name is Drew, I'm a new homebrewer from central Michigan, and big fan of beer.

Simply put, I love beer. I love the taste of several beers. I love the imagination used to create craft beers. I love variety. I enjoy being able to drink a different beer every day of the year.

What do I plan to do with this blog, you ask?

Well, I plan to talk about beer! Beer is something that brings people together and creates great joy. And that's definitely worth talking about.

To be more accurate, I wish to use this blog to talk about the beer I drink and share my thoughts with you. I plan to try AT LEAST one beer every week and share my thoughts on it with you, and hopefully it will either encourage you to try a new beer or give you something to talk about. I love beer and conversation, and my favorite conversations are about beer.

I also plan to spend some time talking about home brewing. If it is something you've never tried but wish to, I hope to be of some help or encouragement. As stated, I am rather new to homebrewing so I don't judge and I'm often looking for advice, as well. Hopefully this will help me learn a thing or two.
So sit back, relax, and have a beer. Hopefully we'll have a lot of fun!